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The purpose of The Georgia Cotillion is to introduce social etiquette to young people in a positive way for life long enjoyment. Manners are all about helping others to feel comfortable around us. The emphasis will always be that the understanding of good manners is to be positive and respectful of others and ourselves.

The most important goal is to give the students the opportunity to feel secure in a social environment. Furthermore, to learn these social graces along with their peers. With these goals in mind, The Georgia Cotillion emphasizes three key principles that determine confidence and ultimately social etiquette:




The students will be taught how to make introductions; general conversational etiquette; giving compliments; gentlemen to ladies manners and vice versa; how to proceed through a receiving line; party manners; table manners; how to write a thank you note; cell phone etiquette; and, last, but, of utmost importance, good hygiene. In addition, several traditional and new social dances will be taught. The students will learn the Box Step, the Cha-Cha, and the Carolina Shag along with line dancing. All of this together will help the students to acquire good dancing skills as well as excellent social skills.

The Georgia Cotillion plans to offer four one and a half hour classes per season. On the second evening of classes, table manners will be given and dinner will be served to the students. And, the final class for each grade level, the parents are invited to attend to observe and to dance with their children.

Chapter specific dates, times, location, cost, and registration information are detailed here for each chapter. Tuition is due prior to your chapter's registration deadline.

Lastly, thank you for considering the classes and The Georgia Cotillion looks forward to the opportunity to share your most precious possessions – your children.